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7–8 Nov 2019

HighLoad++ 2019


The HighLoad++ professional conference for developers of high-load systems is the key professional event for everyone involved in the creation of large, heavily-frequented, and complex projects.

Main purpose of the event is to exchange knowledge and experience among leading developers of high-performance systems, which support millions of users simultaneously.

Agenda consists of all crucial web development aspects, such as: Large scale architectures, databases and storage systems, system administration, load testing, project maintenance, etc.

This year the conference program will be dazzled with current trends: IoT, Blockchain, Neural networks & Artificial Intelligence.

The program was designed by the developer community, representatives of large companies from Runet and around the world, and by tech developers and community activists. The selection of lectures is multi-layered and complex — the Program Committee selects the best lectures from the received applications unanimously according to several criteria.

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Videos from the conference (19):

Открытие Highload++ 2019
Почему вам нужна платформа межсервисного взаимодействия / Артемий Рябинков (Авито)
Кафка. "Описание одной борьбы" / Денис Карасик (Badoo)
Паттерны проектирования приложений на Apache Kafka / Александр Сибиряков (Scrapinghub)
Мониторинг современного k8s-проекта глазами разработчика / Сергей Спорышев (ITSumma)
Хьюстон, у нас проблема. Дизайн систем на отказ / Василий Пантюхин (Amazon Web Services)