Past event
12 Nov 2019

Icinga Camp Zurich 2019


An Icinga Camp covers the core principles and concepts of Icinga. It is a platform for the community to come together to learn and share about their experience and challenges. An event where the latest and greatest from the Icinga universe is shared by the developers and executives.

What to expect:

  • Experience: Real life implementations, best practices and insights from the field. From continuous monitoring to point and click configuration.
  • Tools: Integrating with your existing DevOps tool stack, automation with Cfgmgmt tools and data storage
  • Technology: Monitoring any infrastructure and any application with the latest technologies. Updates and news from the Icinga universe

Videos from the conference (8):

Icinga Camp Berlin 2019: Migrating from Vanilla to Director based solution by Assaf Flatto
Icinga Camp Berlin 2019 | Integrating Icinga 2 and the HashiCorp Stack by Bram Vogelaar
Icinga Camp Beriln 2019 | What's next in Icinga by Eric Lippmann
Icinga Camp Berlin 2019 | System Diagnostics: A Deeper Understanding by Francesco Melchiori
Icinga Camp Berlin 2019 | IcingaDB Development by Jean Flach
Icinga Camp Berlin 2019 | Scaling Icinga2 with many heterogeneous projects by Max Rosin