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25 Jun 2020

IGEA and Austrade present: Jason Della Rocca on funding models and fundraising strategy


The video games industry is not immune to the COVID-19 crisis. While the sector may be more resilient than other screen industries, it also faces uncertainty around the future and concerns about cashflow and access to investors.

To ensure Australian studios have the best opportunity to succeed in this environment, IGEA has organised a workshop series with international industry expert Jason Della Rocca.

This is the first webinar in a three-part series. In it, Jason will cover funding models and fundraising strategy.

In addition, six studios will get the exclusive chance of receiving 1:1 personal business-development mentorship from Jason, including an introduction to his personal network of investors and publishers.

Thanks to the generous support of their respective state governments, there will be extra mentorship slots for:

  • three developers from South Australia provided by the South Australian Department for Trade and Investment

  • two extra slots for developers from Queensland provided by Screen Queensland

  • one extra slot for developers from Western Australia provided by the Western Australian Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries

(I.e. 12 mentorship opportunities overall.)

To learn more, apply for mentorship, and learn about the selection process please go here . The selection process will be merit-based: Finalists will be selected based on the likelihood of their game to achieve commercial success along with the degree to which the mentorship and business development support will have an impact. There are limited places, awarded competitively. For each studio interested in mentorship it is a requirement to attend each seminar.

Please note The deadline for applications is the 12th of July.

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