Past event

Go Deeper Into Open Source

India Open Source is a community event. The goal is to bring software developers, policy makers, communities and enthusiasts together, so we can learn and inspire each other. We want to see IndiaOS to grow as a platform to share and grow open source projects and to foster the values of open source in modern software development

Agenda for IndiaOS - 2020

  • FOSS Product Showcase
  • Deep Dive of Issues and Trends in Open Source
  • Interact with the larger FOSS Community in India
  • Sustaining FOSS
  • FOSS and India

Videos from the conference (18):

IndiaOS 2020 - Rushabh Mehta on IndiaOS Foundations
IndiaOS 2020 - Pranav Raj S on The Story of Chatwoot
IndiaOS 2020 - Kailash Nadh on FOSS at Zerodha
IndiaOS 2020 - Sanket Sarang on BlobCity DB
IndiaOS 2020 - Shahidh K Muhammed on The Hasura Journey
IndiaOS 2020 - Abhas Abhinav on Where would you run your free software?