Past event
1–2 Aug 2020

Global Summit for Java devs'20


The JavaGlobal Summit'20 is coming!

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Improve your knowledge of Java programming at the unprecedented event.

Speakers from ORACLE, Microsoft, IBM, JCP and other TOP companies are going to focus on new features of the Java language and technologies related to Java. The best Use Cases, workshops and live communication in the mode of questions and answers with speakers.

☑ Paid 50$ and FREE track

​☑ 30+ hot topics

​☑ Java Crowd from all over the Globe (15 000+ devs expected)

​☑ 45 Hands-on Pros giving Tons of use cases

​☑ 50+ countries

​☑ 70 tech talks

​☑ 24+ hours of video broadcast

​☑ No pre-recorded performances, only live performances

​☑ Killer content from Java Code Masters

​☑ Crucial Architectural Use Cases

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1. Senior Track (starting price $ 50) - for Middle and Senior Software Developers, Solution Architects and CTO. Deep tech content.

AI, ML, Big Data, Blockchain for Java Developers

• Machine learning (practical experience reports in JVM)

​• Data analysis/big data

​• Putting AI to Work

​• Blockchain/smart contracts in Java world

​• Java AI Constraint Solvers

​• Unlocking possibilities with Data

Java and JDK ecosystem

• Coding in a way you can run native Java.

Modern Java frameworks and productivity

• Spring, Micronaut, Quarkus

• Istio and Java, MDD, JHipster

​• R2DBC – Reactive Relational Database Connectivity

​• JPA, NoSQL, Spring Data

​• Integrating microservices using Java tools

​• Spring WebFlux, Reactor

Java virtual Machines

• GraalVM

​• JVM Tuning

​• Garbage collection algorithms

​• Bytecode

Lessons learned / Case studies

• Migration Java 8 to Java 11

Java Tools & Approaches

• DevOps smth about it

​• Java developer productivity tools and techniques

​• JFR and Mission Control, VisualVM, how to find the performance bottleneck

JVM Languages overview

• Kotlin

​• Scala

​• Clojure

​• Groovy

Cloud native Java & Serverless

• Cloud, Kubernetes, Serverless

​• Cloud Application Development

​• Cloud native ecosystem for Java microservices

​• Monitoring, metrics, tracing for real Java applications

​• Alternative microservice oriented platforms for Java developers

​• Multi/Hybrid Cloud and Java.

QA in Java

• New frameworks & libraries

2. Junior Track (free) - for Junior Java developers entry-level content.

Modern Java frameworks and productivity

• Spring Boot, Quarkus, JSF

​• Serverside Java

​• Data Processing & Storage

​• Spring WebFlux, Reactor

Cloud native Java & Serverless

• Code design & architecture

​• Deploy basic app on the cloud, getting started

Java and JDK ecosystem

• Java Language, Java SE, JDK, performance tuning, modularity, concurrency, frameworks, Reactive Programming, etc.

​• Essential classes, Collections, Concurency, Immutability, Class libraries, Security, JDBC

​• Imperative x Reactive programming overview

​• Object Oriented Programming

​• From Java EE to Jakarta EE: what changes, how to migrate, why migrate.

Celebrate Java 25th universary

• Deep dive into java communities

​• Java mythbuster

Comparison of Java Ecosystem with other ecosystem

• Overview and comparison of some popular servlet containers.

Lessons learned / Case studies

• Delivering for citizens

Java Tools & Approaches

• Must have Tools for the new commers

​• Testing

​• Maven, Gradle

​• VSCode and Java

​• JFR and Mission Control, VisualVM, how to find the performance bottleneck

​• Tools for the Cloud and tools for the ground. It would be good to have a "mastering your IDE"

JVM Languages overview

• Mobile Development

​• Other languages running on the JVM, functional, mobile and emerging languages. The tools, libraries and best practices

QA in Java

• Unit Tests, Integrations Tests and Performance Tests with Java

*This is an approximate list of topics. Exact Agenda will be available 5 days before the event

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🆓 Junior Track - FREE!

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