Past event

JHipster Conf 2 is the first conference on JHipster, the most widely-used Java application generator in the world.

This conference will gather the main JHipster developers, who will present technical sessions on the parts they have each developed.

We will also have sessions on Open Source and the usage of JHipster in startups and big companies.

This conference is organized by Ippon Technologies. Please note that we don't aim to make any money from the conference, and any benefits will be donated to the JHipster Open Collective.

Videos from the conference (20):

JHipster Conf 2019 : Keynote by Julien Dubois & Deepu K Sasidharan
JHipster Conf 2019 : JHipster Craftsmanship & TDD. Par Hippolyte Durix
JHipster Conf 2019 : Kotlin Hipster and Blueprints by Sendil Kumar
JHipster Conf 2019 : JHipster side-by-side in practice by David Steiman
JHipster Conf 2019 : Projets et réussites JHipster par Ippon.
JHipster Conf 2019 : Journal d'un dev Java dans un monde .Net. Par Daniel Petisme