Past event
30 Nov 2019

JS Conf Armenia 2019


What is JS Conf Armenia? JS Conf Armenia is the biggest JavaScript conference in the region that brings together 1000+ JavaScript developers to discuss JS and have fun.

Videos from the conference (17):

How to Master Frontend Development: Survival Guide by Lilit Tadevosyan (Arm) | JSConfAM19
Enzyme/Jest React Components Testing by Hayk Barseghyan (Arm) | JSConfAM19
JavaScript at Scale by Stephanie Siaw (Eng) | JSConfAM19
Why we need UI libraries/frameworks by Khachatur Virabyan (Arm) | JSConfAM19
Don't optimize, write optimal by Davit Abgaryan (Arm) | JSConfAM19
Fantastic Bugs And Where To Find Them by Iris Schaffer (Eng) | JSConfAM19