Past event
18–19 Jul 2019

JSCamp Barcelona 2019


SCamp is an International single-track, two-day, conference curated, deeply technical, covering all about modern web technologies. There is a lot to gain from sharing best practices, learnings, and insights from different tools, frameworks and techniques across the web stack.

Over 600 attendees from 50 countries are expected to join this conference.

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Videos from the conference (17):

JSCAMP after party hight lights | Sala Bikini
Highlights · JSCAMP Barcelona 2019
Error handling: doing it right! by Ruben Bridgewater | JSCAMP 2019
FOUC and the Death of Progressive Enhancement by Kyle Simpson | JSCAMP 2019
Pwototyping by Adam Argyle | JSCAMP 2019
Shape Of The Web by Henri Helvetica | JSCAMP 2019