Past event
1–2 Jun 2019



JSConf EU is a professional, not-for-profit, labour-of-love conference for the JavaScript community. It’s a two day affair, with many related side events in the days surrounding it. JSConf EU is an invitation for the community to come together and for new people to get to know and join the community.

Learn about GraphQL, DevOps, Machine Learning, Accessibility, New and upcoming JavaScript features, JavaScript frameworks like React, Vue, and Angular, Node.js, Web performance, and Progressive Web Apps.

Videos from the conference (53):

Tales from the Toilet by Pier Paolo Fumagalli | JSConf EU 2019
What JS Devs can Learn from Medieval Coats of Arms about A11y by Amanda Sopkin | JSConf EU 2019
BDD - Baby Driven Development by Allison McMillan | JSConf EU 2019
Building WebApps Like It's 1972 🧙‍♂️by Leandro Ostera | JSConf EU 2019
Offline-first data: Getting Bigger by Kevin Doran | JSConf EU 2019
Recreating Retro Computer Art with JS! by Sher Minn Chong | JSConf EU 2019