Past event
12–14 Aug 2019

JSConf US 2019


JSConf US is the only conference where you can learn how to push your favorite language beyond the confines of the browser and into robots, and video games.

JSConf US has pushed the language outside of its comfort zone, the web browser, and into the forefront of servers, drones, robots and video games.

Enjoy a very special day of exciting activities that are sure to make anyone happy from golfing to robot hacking to segway tours during our "choose-your-own-adventure" activity day only at JSConf US.

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Videos from the conference (38):

A Postmortem on the Ingen Incident - Hayley Denbraver - JSConf US 2019
Playing Pokemon Together With Node.js - Samuel Agnew - JSConf US 2019
Time is a Social Construct - Daniel Cousineau - JSConf US 2019
How we’re embracing functional programming to build a large SPA - Anton Abilov - JSConf US 2019
Bringing back dial-up: the internet over SMS - Alexandra Sunderland - JSConf US 2019
“WTF does run mean?” & other adventures in teaching others to code - Suzie Grange - JSConf US 2019