Past event
20 Sep 2019

JSdayIE 2019


September 20th 2019 — Dublin, Ireland. JSDayIE is a tech conference dedicated to the JavaScript community in Ireland.

JSDayIE 2019 is a 1-day single track tech conference dedicated to the JavaScript community in Ireland featuring over 450 attendees and some of the best JavaScript professionals and organizations.

JSDayIE is the first JavaScript conference in Ireland and will take place in 2019, on September 20th at The Round Room at the Mansion House in Dawson Street, Dublin.

JSDayIE is a day to celebrate the JavaScript community in Ireland and it is presented by Wolk Software with support for the initiative from our sponsors.

Videos from the conference (13):

Aysegul Yonet @ JSDayIE 2019 - The future of user interaction: Mixed reality, AI and IoT
Zdenek Hynek @ JSDayIE 2019 - Quick and easy way to add AI to your CV
David Gonzalez @ JSDayIE 2019 - 12 Factor Javascript Apps on Kubernetes
Christopher Laughlin @ JSDayIE 2019 - Protecting your npm dependencies
Cristina Bernardis @ JSDayIE 2019 - JSCodeshift, automated refactoring
Wassim Chegham @JSDayIE 2019 - The state of Angular tooling