Past event

LambdaConf is the largest interdisciplinary functional programming conference in the Mountain West, and one of the largest and most respected functional programming conferences in the world.

The conference takes place June 5rd - 7th, in Boulder, Colorado, at the University of Colorado Boulder, and is surrounded by commercial training opportunities. If you are an educator, a researcher, a speaker, a speaker coach, or someone aspiring to one of the preceding, then we warmly welcome you to submit a proposal for LambdaConf 2019. No prior experience is necessary for most proposals, and we welcome beginner-level content.

LambdaConf attracts everyone from the FP-curious to researchers advancing state-of-the-art; hobbyists, professionals, academics and students. Material at all levels, including beginner content and very advanced content, will find an audience at LambdaConf.

Historically, LambdaConf has enjoyed a large selection of sessions on statically-typed functional programming, and a smaller selection of sessions on dynamically-typed functional programming. Some sessions are not tied to specific programming languages, but rather cover topics in abstract algebra, category theory, type theory, programming language theory, functional architecture, and so on, either generically or in a way that applies across many programming languages.