18–20 Oct 2020

Let's Test South Africa 2020


Let’s Test 2020 will take place in the Western Cape’s picturesque seaside town of Gordon’s Bay at the premium Krystal Beach Hotel. The hotel has a spa and beautiful blue pool on the sun deck. The elegantly appointed rooms feature stunning views of the marina and beautiful mountains in the area. The Krystal Beach Hotel is only 40km and a 35 minute drive from Cape Town International Airport.

Gordon’s Bay is a harbour town situated close to wine regions, 35kms from an African penguin colony at Stony Point, and the beautiful major attractions of Cape Town. It is named after Robert Jacob Gordon, the Dutch explorer of Scottish descent.

The conference runs for 2.5 days between 18-20 October 2020 and will have an intentional focus on the craft and community of Context Driven Testing. We will showcase not only South African talent, but also host new and familiar faces and minds from the global community.


We are looking for keynotes, workshops and experience-based talks that will inspire thinking, grow skills and facilitate meaningful interactions! Most of all, we want to create a space where people have fun and are able to develop the craft and community of testing in South Africa!

Having a proposal accepted will give you the full conference free of charge (this includes accommodation for Sunday and Monday nights and all meals during the conference). We also have a travel allowance of up to R 6,000.00 per speaker.

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Let’s Test – the context-driven way is a conference and we meet to confer. It’s all about exchanging opinions and ideas in the field of testing. Our goal is that everyone will leave the conference high in spirit and with new ideas. We will do all we can to help accomplish this.

There will be time for moderated discussions after each talk. Each session will be about two thirds presentation and one third discussion. Both keynotes and track sessions will be open for discussions. Use the opportunity to get clarification or challenge some point that you don’t fully agree with.

All attending, speakers and delegates, will mingle in the same space. Approach anyone and strike up a conversation, ask questions, comment on a presentation, interact and explore the possibilities inherent in a large group of testers assembled in the same place. If you don’t feel up to joining an ongoing discussion just listen in. There’s a good chance you’ll be asked for your thoughts. Grab the opportunity and go for it.