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14–15 Jul 2020

LightUp Virtual Conference 2020


In recent days, COVID19 has transformed our lives and specially for those who are struggling to meet their daily needs. We as people from the tech are still efficient to work for our companies through various WFH designs and are making sure our family & friends are safe during these times.

We want to extend our reach to as many as we can by using our technology and the platform, we are good at. We are announcing fundraiser through a 24-hour Live Conference with speakers around the world speaking on Microsoft Technologies.

You will have 24 hours of learning through our speakers speaking round the clock from various countries of the world giving it back to the society to LIGHTUP the hopes of the people who are suffering due to pandemic.

All the money collected during the fundraiser will be contributed to UNICEF towards COVID 19 relief fund in the world.

A donation of any small amount in any currency will make a huge impact on the people who will be at receiving end. Every single amount of donation will make someone smile.

Let us do it together. Let us LIGHTUP.

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Lightup Virtual Conference - Keynote: Practical AI for good - by Allen O'Neill & Richard Koh
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