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The Linux Security Summit (LSS) is a technical forum for collaboration between Linux developers, researchers, and end users with the primary aim of fostering community efforts in analyzing and solving Linux security challenges.

LSS is where key Linux security community members and maintainers gather to present and discuss their work and research to peers, joined by those who wish to keep up with the latest in Linux security development and who would like to provide input to the development process.

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Videos from the conference (18):

BoF: Simple Remote Attestation with Secure & Attested Communication Channels - Roberto Sassu, Huawei
Address Spaces for Namespaces - Mike Rapoport, IBM
Zephyr Project Security Status - David Brown, Linaro
Upcoming x86 Technologies for Malicious Hypervisor Protection - David Kaplan, AMD
LSM Stacking - What You Can Do Now and What's Next - Casey Schaufler, Intel
Securing TPM Secrets with TXT and Kernel Signatures - Paul Moore, Cisco