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You may be wondering who we are! We are The Live Coders, an outgoing and enthusiastic group of friendly channels that write code, teach about technology, and promote the technical community.

With conferences everywhere being cancelled or postponed, we didn't want to let prepared talks to go waste and decided to put on a free (all-day) online conference for everyone on Twitch, with talks covering various topics.

To stay up to date with announcements about the conference, please follow us on Twitter @TheLiveCoders!

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Past event

Videos from the conference (16):

Building Your First Skill for Alexa - Jeff Blankenburg
Native Code, WebAssembly, and C# - Build with Blazor - Jeff Fritz
Manipulating Webpages using DevTools - Jemina Abu
Blazor Web Bluetooth - Jimmy Engström
Creating User Engagement with (ro)bots - Nodebotanist
Data Adventures with Azure Notebooks - Sarah "sadukie" Dutkiewicz