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12 Mar 2021

#MarTechFest Global 2021


#MarTechFest is the name and marketing technology is our game. But #MarTechFest is not a regular event, we’re the goddamn ‘anti-conference’. We have a hashtag in our name, and we let our speakers, nay we encourage our speakers to say swears during their sessions and urge attendees to do away with the suits for the day. Put on your comfy clothes (and hey if suits are your comfy clothes then you do you babes)! We’re not even close to a conference, we’re a Fest. It stands for Festival. The Marketing Technology Festival. We’ll keep your belly full of tasty street food you’d actually spend money on…but you don’t have to because your ticket is 👏 all 👏 inclusive 👏 – and we’ll keep your brain full with stacks of useful, practical, actionable (and easy to understand) marketing technology content. We’ll keep the buzzwordery to a minimum, scouts honour.

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Past event

What's in store for #MarTechFest for 2020? takes deep breath

We're pumped to debut #MarTechFestApac, inviting 300 senior level marketers to the anti-conference in Sydney, Australia.

Past event