25 Apr – 28 Jun 2022

Microsoft Azure Responsible AI Hackathon


Microsoft is committed to the advancement of Responsible AI driven by ethical principles that put people first. We welcome you to use your creativity, passion, and technical acumen to create an open-source application that leverages Azure solutions and applies Responsible AI principles.


At Microsoft we operationalize Responsible AI principles to ensure systems are developed in a way that warrants our user’s trust and safety. We outline 6 key Responsible AI core pillars:

  • Fairness - AI systems should treat all people fairly
  • Reliability & Safety – AI systems should perform reliably and safely
  • Privacy & Security – AI systems should be secure and respect privacy
  • Inclusiveness – AI systems should empower everyone and engage people
  • Transparency – AI systems should be understandable
  • Accountability – People should be accountable for AI systems


Put your skills to the test and apply Azure services with Responsible AI into a new or existing project! We welcome projects of all types, including AI-powered apps or devices, conversational bots, ML models, or something else entirely! Check out the resources tab for tips on getting started, and be sure to review the project requirements. We’re excited to see what you build!


What to Build
Build an open-source application prototype that runs on Azure, with Azure AI and data services.

Bonus: Integrate Responsible AI principles to be eligible for the Bonus Integration of Responsible AI Prizes.

Project requirements:

  • Your app must run on Azure: Azure Functions, Azure Kubernetes Service, Azure Container Apps, or Azure Spring Cloud
  • Your app must include Azure AI services: Azure Applied AI Services or Azure Cognitive Services or Azure Machine Learning
  • Your app must include Azure data services: Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Azure SQL Database, Azure Cache for Redis, or Azure Database for MySQL