28 Mar – 6 Jun 2022

Microsoft Sentinel Hackathon - Spring 2022


Cybersecurity next: The challenge!

Build end-to-end cybersecurity solutions for Microsoft Sentinel that delivers enterprise value by collecting data, managing security, detecting, hunting, investigating, and responding to cybersecurity threats!

Microsoft Sentinel provides a platform for security analysts and threat hunters of various levels to not only leverage existing content like workbooks (dashboard), playbooks (workflow orchestrations), analytic rules (detections), hunting queries, notebooks, etc. but also to build custom content and solutions as needed. Microsoft Sentinel solutions can be of two types:

  1. Product solution - Solutions that deliver E2E product value include data connectors and associated content like workbooks, analytics etc. for a certain product. For e.g. Cisco Umbrella solution or Microsoft Defender solution, etc. These generally operate on a single data source. Refer to the list of solutions for Microsoft Sentinel as examples (all solutions not under Domain solutions category are all product solutions).

  2. Domain solution - Solutions that provide E2E domain or industry vertical value to enterprise like specialized solutions for healthcare compliance or finanacial compliance or vulnerability management or healthcare product integration, SAP scenarios, etc. These are generally data source agnostic and can operate on multiple data sources unlike product solutions. View list of current domain solutions for Microsoft Sentinel as examples.

Furthermore, Microsoft Sentinel also provides APIs for integrating different types of applications to connect with Microsoft Sentinel data and insights.

This hackathon challenge revolves around how you can provide the ultimate enterprise value by delivering an end-to-end solution via Microsoft Sentinel content and/or integrations. Refer to the Get Started guide for resources and inspiration.