Past event

Minds and Tech - An event where artificial and collective intelligence connect.

October 9th in Toulouse, France. #mindsandtech @mindsandtech

Humans have been working together since the beginning of time. Through social interactions and union as a community, people are empowered to solve problems and generate conclusions. This phenomenon is aptly called Collective Intelligence (CI) and has proven in many cases to be more effective than individual intelligence.

For decades, researchers have been working to develop machines capable of behaving as intelligently as people. As a result of the continuous evolution of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has now become a key strategic field of research for economic development around the world.

This year, Toulouse will host Minds & Tech, an event in collaboration with the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (MIT CCI) that will showcase the latest trends in Artificial Intelligence merged with Collective Intelligence, which together create a technology that is considered the supermind of the future.

Minds & Tech will bring together a community of international experts to discuss and question the impact of integrating human knowledge with cutting-edge technology.

Curious to learn more about the content of the event? Refer to our program webpage to obtain more details!

Videos from the conference:

Minds & Tech 2019 [Official Video]