Past event
17–19 Jun 2019

ML Conference 2019 - Munich


ML Conference – The Conference for Machine Learning Innovation, where you will be able to:

  • Understand your data: making sense of your data is becoming key for every modern predictive business. At ML Conference you will develop a deep understanding of your data, as well as of the latest tools and technologies.
  • Optimise your models: learn from seasoned experts which methods, libraries, services, models and algorithms to use and, crucially, hear their war stories of training cutting edge machine learning algorithms.
  • Enhamce your business: make machine learning central to your business model: join ML Conference to gain key knowledge and skills for this new era of data driven business.

Videos from the conference (16):

Chatbots Suck | Dr. Pieter Buteneers
How do Chess Engines work? Looking at Stockfish and AlphaZero | Oliver Zeigermann
Honey Bee Conservation using Deep Learning
How to implement Chatbots in an industrial Context | Christoph Windheuser
Predicting New York City Taxi demand: spatio-temporal Time Series Forecasting | Fabian Hertwig
The more data, the better the AI, isn’t it? | Michael Kieweg