Past event
24 Sep 2020

MLOps Conference 2020


Bristech: MLOps is a one-day event focused on the increasingly important and emerging field of MLOps: the confluence of machine learning models and their iterative, regular deployment into production environments.

We have chosen the term MLOps (over Machine Learning Infrastructure) since it offers a parallel to the (perhaps) familiar concept of DevOps.

Themes explored on the day will include:

  • The wider context for MLOps: key challenges (such as data provenance) and why it is important

  • Tooling: including approaches such as Kubeflow, Seldon, etc.

  • Practitioner experiences: witness & insights from jobbing MLOps practitioners e.g. A/B model testing, multi-arm bandits, etc.

  • Multiple perspectives: bridging gaps in understanding and terminology between S/W engineers / Ops, Data Scientists / ML Researchers, Managers & Tech Founders.

  • Maturity of MLOps platforms: how to contextualise the journey towards MLOps nirvana within a maturity framework