Past event
7–8 Nov 2019

Mobile Era 2019


Mobile Era is a conference about mobile development. Our topics:

  • iOS / Android,
  • Mobile web / PWA,
  • Cross-platform / JS-to-Native,
  • IoT / Hardware,
  • Mobile UX / Accessibility

Mobile Era is organized by a team of enthusiasts across several technology companies in Oslo. We're passionate about developing mobile apps and want to see a kick-ass event in Oslo for people like ourselves. The organizing committee consists of developers who are also active in organizing open events, conferences and meetups in the Oslo developer community.

Videos from the conference (34):

Mobile Era 2016 Recap
Justin Anderson Unifying Web, iOS, and Android at Mobile Era
Samuel Giddins Empowering iOS Developers at Mobile Era
Sergei Vasilinetc Making a library (AndroidX) at Mobile Era
Lisi Linhart Animation for the mobile web at Mobile Era
Lev Vidrak & Sergey Ilyevsky Mobile @Scale with React Native at Mobile Era