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13 Nov 2019

Mobility Brazil Conference 2019


The Mobility Brazil was created with the goal of building a strong Wi-Fi technical community in Brazil to discuss in more detail aspects of the technology, from the standards and design, up to operations and troubleshooting. Join us if you are interested to better understand and proper build enterprise level Wi-Fi networks.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (7):

MBC 2019 - Enhanced Open & WPA3 - Wi-Fi Security in 2019
MBC 2019 - Troubleshooting Roaming Issues in an All-Wireless-Office Environment
MBC 2019 - State of WiFi-6 in Practice
MBC 2019 - Identidade - O impacto na decisão da autenticação
MBC 2019 - Visualization of AirTime with a WiFi Airtime Calculator and WiFi6 OFDMA
MBC 2019 - Dragonblood - KRACK Part Deux?