Past event
18–21 Jun 2019

Monadic Party


Monadic Party is a four-days long Haskell summer school. Our vision is to teach in depth with each talk spanning multiple sessions. Because of the additional time at our disposal we can get deeper into each topic to show a larger part of the story behind the subject.

We will have three tracks, one for programmers that aren't experienced in Haskell and would like to learn it from the basic concepts. The other tracks are for people already familiar with the language and will present a selection of talks and workshops on a variety of topics. We will announce the list of topics after our call for speakers closes at the end of February.

For the attendees that arrive on the 17th, and we have a preparty lined up. Check a signup email for more details.

We chose Poznan to host the summer school because of its architecture, culture and nightlife. The venue is a recently restored lovely old building at Mlynska 12 where we have the whole highest floor at our disposal. So the only thing you need is a ticket, laptop and a place to sleep and you're good to go. Catered lunch, tea and coffee is included in the ticket price.

Videos from the conference (61):

Alexey Kuleshevich - Haskell Arrays with Massiv 2/6
Alexey Kuleshevich - Haskell arrays with Massiv 4/6
Alexey Kuleshevich - Haskell arrays with Massiv 6/6
Chris Penner - Comonads by Example 2/4
Chris Penner - Comonads By Example 4/4
Christophe Scholliers - A project based approach to learning Haskell 2/6