Past event
6 Dec 2019

NationJS Frontrunners React Day 2019


Frontrunners React is the Mid-Atlantic’s JS developers conference series. This NationJS Frontrunners, our twelfth, featuring React and related technologies, will be held Friday Dec 6, 2019 in the Navy Memorial's Burke Theater, a fantastic venue for both speakers and audience.

We expect 230 developers to attend NationJS React. So, this is a great opportunity to reach a large and influential audience of East Coast web developers, and have a great time doing it!

Past speakers at Frontrunners have included leaders in the JavaScript and web development communities like Brian Holt, Jennifer Wong, Divya Sasidharan, Eva Ferreira, Ariya Hidayat, Jenna Zeigen, Jenn Creighton, Domenic Denicola, Rebecca Murphey, Kyle Simpson, Lea Verou, Doug Crockford, Yehuda Katz, Rachel Nabors, Christopher Chedeau, Igor Minar, Kas Perch, James Halliday and many others!

Videos from the conference (9):

"Using Machine Learning To Improve UI/UX" by Milecia McGregor – Frontrunners React 2019
"Navigating the Ecosystem" by Ben Ilegbodu – Frontrunners React 2019
"Testing React" by Matt Crowder – Frontrunners React 2019
"Become a Developer of Electronic Music" by Nir Kaufman – Frontrunners React 2019
"Intro to NextJS" by Allison Kunz – Frontrunners React 2019
"Case Study: Creating a Component Library in React JS" by Kathryn Grayson Nanz – Frontrunners 2019