Past event
8–12 Jun 2020

NDC Oslo 2020 Online


NDC Oslo is now a 5-day online event.

A Software Developers Conference covering .NET, Agile, C++, Cloud, Database, Design, Devops, Embedded, Front-End Framework, Fun, Functional Programming, Gadgets, IoT, JavaScript, Microsoft, Mobile, People, Programming Languages, Security, Testing and so much more ....

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Past event
NDC London 2021
25–29 Jan 2021

From 25-29 January 2021, NDC London will offer a combination of deep dive workshops and 60-minute conference sessions.


  • Dominick Baier
  • Dylan Beattie
  • Ian Cooper
  • Jessica White
  • Mark Rendle
  • Shahid Iqbal


Past event
NDC Sydney 2020
12–16 Oct 2020

Videos from the conference (60):

Clean Testing - Clean Architecture with .NET Core - Jason Taylor - NDC Oslo 2020
Who's your user? OpenID from the ground-up - Johannes Brodwall - NDC Oslo 2020
How Effective Teams Use Git - Enrico Campidoglio - NDC Oslo 2020
Continuous Delivery with Azure Web Apps - Vidar Kongsli - NDC Oslo 2020
Future-Proof Mobile Cross-Platform Apps with Flutter - Christian Wenz - NDC Oslo 2020
TDD and the Terminator - An introduction to Test Driven Development - Layla Porter - NDC Oslo 2020