Past event
2–5 Sep 2019

NDC TechTown 2019


The NDC Tech Town event is a combination of presentations, lightning talks, workshops and panels on topics relevant for engineers and technical managers working with software for devices and appliances for industrial, automotive, medical, military, consumer, and commercial use.

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Past event
Past event
NDC London 2021
25–29 Jan 2021

From 25-29 January 2021, NDC London will offer a combination of deep dive workshops and 60-minute conference sessions.


  • Dominick Baier
  • Dylan Beattie
  • Ian Cooper
  • Jessica White
  • Mark Rendle
  • Shahid Iqbal


Past event
NDC Sydney 2020
12–16 Oct 2020

Videos from the conference (55):

NDC TechTown 2019 Keynote: Elections: Trust and Critical Infrastructure - Patricia Aas
The TANDBERG Way - Olve Maudal
Combining C++17 Features - Nicolai Josuttis
C++: λ Demystified - Andreas Fertig
The Most Average Function There Is - Andrei Alexandrescu
C++ Concepts for Developers - Hubert Matthews