Past event
13 Jul 2019



ng-japan is the largest Angular conference in Japan. It'll have talks with great speakers, including the Angular core team from Google.

"x Angular" - Collaboration with Angular and something:

  • Firebase" x Angular
  • GCP" x Angular
  • Mobile" x Angular
  • VR" x Angular
  • IoT" x Angular
  • Machine Learning" x Angular

Videos from the conference (20):

Keynote by Miles Malerba and Rado Kirov #ngjapan2019
Micro Front End Architecture with framework agnostic Web Components by ANAND GUPTA #ngjapan2019
Angular Elements under the hood by JiaLiPassion #ngjapan2019
Angular generic forms by Eliran Eliassy #ngjapan2019
Angular build, polyfills and application size by Vojtech Mašek #ngjapan2019
CapacitorをつかってAngularアプリの可能性を広げよう by 榊原昌彦 #ngjapan2019