Past event
7–8 Nov 2019

ngTalksConference 2019


Join us in the next Europe’s largest Angular conference, attend the second instalment of NgTalks 2019 and meet Angularians from all over the world. It doesn't matter if-if you're just beginning your Angular journey or not, come and learn about the present and future of Angular and its ecosystem, TypeScript, tools and much more!

What's up with NgTalks 2019? Last year we held our first ever conference and it was a BLAST! This year, we took into account all the wishes and used all the experience gained from the first one to make not only the largest Angular conference in Europe, but also the most interesting and fascinating one. You read it correctly: 1300 attendees, 25+ speakers coming from all corners of the Earth, 1 track and over 25+ Angular-related talks! Geez!