Past event
26–28 May 2019

NgVikings 2019


DGI-byen, Copenhagen. May 27-28th, workshops: May 26th

The main Angular event in the Nordics. And the only travelling Angular conference in the world.

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NgVikings 2020
25–27 May 2020
  Oslo Oslo 

Videos from the conference (41):

Angular for the Visual Learner by Samantha Brennan
Add Native Mobile to Your Angular Projects: The Migration Story by Sebastian Witalec
5 Tips to Improve User Experience with NgRx by Alex Okrushko
It's Alive! Machine Learning Writes Your Code! 🧠🔮 by Uri Shaked & Dominic Elm
Dynamic and Lazy Loading: A Deep Dive by Aaron Frost
Write Better Tests With TDD by Alex Hoffman