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3 Mar 2020

Node.TLV 2020


Israel’s First-Ever Node.js Full Day Conference

We are thrilled to the first-ever fully dedicated to Node.js. Held in the center of the vibrant city of Tel Aviv, this community-driven event is a day packed with advanced lectures by internationally renowned speakers, and a networking opportunities with over 600 attendees from all around the world, that share a passion for Node.js.

Node.TLV targets both beginner and experienced devs in two parallel tracks with sessions about Node.js and everything about the ecosystem that is aimed both at beginners and experts.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (21):

Transforming a Country Through Code! - Liz Parody | Node.TLV 2020
GraphQL API? REST API? Or maybe you can have both? - Roy Mor | Node.TLV 2020
Implement Event Sourcing In Node.js - Tamar Twena Stern | Node.TLV 2020
Take Your Monitoring to the Next Level - Liran Haimovitch | Node.TLV 2020
Knock Knock, Who's There? - Sam Bellen | Node.TLV 2020
Testing in Production - A Practical Overview With Live Examples - Yoni Goldberg | Node.TLV 2020