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10–13 Nov 2019

NodeConf EU 2019


NodeConf EU is the key Node.js event in Europe, providing a forum for the Node.js community, the conference has become legendary in the Node community for all the right reasons. Over the course of few days each year some of the key people in Node join together in Ireland at the conference to celebrate Node. It's a place where you will find some of the best speakers and experts on the subject of Node, Discussions about collaboration and about becoming contributors to the Node product.

This conference involves a community of peers, there are no VIP’s, everyone is equal and open to answer questions about node or technology, mingle and solve problems together.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (23):

Welcome Note, Cian O’Maidin CEO - NearForm
NodeConf EU 2019 | The Highlights
A look at the 2019 NodeConfEU Digital Badge - Gordon Williams
A new thing for Node.js & Javascript - Chris Dickinson
Let it crash! - Julián Duque
WebAssembly: what does it mean for JavaScript and Node.JS? - Mx. Kassian Wren