Past event
2–3 Nov 2019

North Bay Python 2019


A one-track Python conference, north of the Golden Gate. November 2 & 3, 2019. Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, California.

One Hour from San Francisco

Whether you're from Sonoma County, from the Bay Area, or flying here for the first time, North Bay Python in Petaluma is easy to get to.

Inclusion and Diversity

We're a conference for everyone in Northern California. Every aspect of our planning focuses on improving access, diversity, and inclusion within our Python community.


We anticipate 200-300 attendees at our 2019 conference. In 2017, we had 230 attendees from California and beyond, including:

78% from the San Francisco Bay Area, including 25% from Sonoma County 5% from elsewhere in California 17% from other US states, and internationally 30% of attendees were women or non-binary.

Our attendees range in experience from students and new graduates, through to career professionals with more than 30 years in the industry. Our professional attendees work in many roles, including software engineers, CTO-level executives, DevOps engineers, data scientists, front-end engineers, and mobile developers.

48% of our attendees had never attended a Python-focused conference before North Bay Python. 15% of our attendees made North Bay Python their first tech conference.

Videos from the conference (21):

Python, Government, and Contracts: providing a tool to investigate corruption
"A-hunting We Will Go: Debugging pytest with Django" - Cris Ewing (North Bay Python 2019)
"What is a PLC and how do I talk Python to it?" - Jonas Neubert (North Bay Python 2019)
"Keep Calm and Mind the Docs" - Andrea Kao (North Bay Python 2019)
Snek: A Python-Inspired Language for Tiny Embedded Computers
"What is a Coroutine Anyway?" - John Reese (North Bay Python 2019)