Organizations that successfully apply AI innovate and compete more effectively. Make plans to join us at the O'Reilly AI Conference and chart your business transformation.

If you want to understand how AI will change the business landscape, or are working with deep learning or AI (or plan to be)—join us at the O'Reilly AI Conference. You'll:

  • Be among the first to understand how you can leverage the promise of this huge change, and survive the resulting disruption
  • Find new ways to leverage your AI assets across industries and disciplines
  • Learn how to take AI from science project to real business application
  • Discover learning, hiring, and career opportunities
  • Meet-face-to face with other innovators and thought leaders

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Videos from the conference (15):

Getting from A to AI - Eric Gardner (Intel)
Unlocking the value of your data (sponsored by IBM Watson) - Dinesh Nirmal (IBM)
Developing AI responsibly - Sarah Bird (Microsoft)
Enabling AI’s potential through Wafer-scale integration - Andrew Feldman (Cerebras Systems)
AI for Ophthalmology (sponsored by Dell Technologies) - Daniel Russakoff, Ph.D. (Voxeleron)
Going beyond supervised learning - Srinivas Narayanan (Facebook AI)