Past event
4–7 Nov 2019

O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference Berlin 2019


Hundreds of Software Architects, Tech Leads, Senior Developers and Engineers, CTOs and CIOs, and a wide range of other people who work to serve their organization's IT and business needs come together at this event to learn, network, and share experiences.

At the Software Architecture Conference, you'll immerse yourself in learning. The speakers are some of the brightest minds in the industry - people who work with the same technologies you use and have hard-earned experiences to share. The event offers a variety of forums for learning, from sessions with experts to the "hallway track" between sessions where you can informally connect and share questions, knowledge, and perspectives with their peers.

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Videos from the conference (11):

Modern machine learning architectures, Brian Sletten (Bosatsu Consulting)
The New Norms of Cloud Native, Cheryl Hung (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
The three-headed dog: Architecture, process, structure, Allen Holub (Holub Associates)
Cognitive biases in the architect's life, Birgitta Boeckeler (ThoughtWorks)
From the trenches: Patrick Kua - Neal Ford (ThoughtWorks), Patrick Kua (N26
O'Reilly Software Architecture Conference - Attendee Testimonials - Berlin 2019