Past event
6 Apr 2020

Observe 20/20 Virtual


Observe 20/20 is a one-day VIRTUAL technology conference on April 6th, 2020 focused on empowering DevOps practitioners with solutions that improve observability over systems and processes.

The conference is facilitated by community organizers and peer practitioners devoted to sharing and delivering valuable knowledge about the power of observability of distributed systems.

Videos from the conference (13):

Observe 20/20 Keynote - Liz Fong-Jones - The Road to Observability
Observe 20/20 - Chris Bailey - Providing Business Value with Observability
Observe 20/20 - Dave McAllister - Seeing RED
Observe 20/20 - Daniel Dyla - The Missing o11y Primer
Observe 20/20 - Allee Clark - Cloud Datacenter Observability through Open Source
Observe 20/20 - Marc Zbyszynski – Tracing IoT Event Streams