Past event
20–21 Jul 2019

OdessaJS 2019


Since 2012 we’ve been building the community of JavaScript enthusiasts. The conference OdessaJS on tradition we spend in Odessa on July 20-21 - it will be the seventh conference, about which we want to tell in numbers:

  • 7 years contributing to JS
  • 3500 participants
  • 160+ speakers
  • 20+ countries-participants
  • 266K social media engagement per year

Odessa JS welcomes guests with the warm sea and a true resort atmosphere. The event will take place in the well-known “Black Sea Hotel” simply adored by our attendees.

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Past event
OdessaJS 2020
22–30 Aug 2020

Videos from the conference (34):

Alfredo Lopez, Think Fast, First: Empowering a Performance Culture [EN]
Sergiy Babich, How to start enjoy your Angular Rx and NGRX [UA]
Nick Gromov, Algorithms in JavaScript [RU]
Viktor Turskyi, 6 ways to hack your JavaScript application [RU]
Jamie Maria Schouren, The search for App-iness : Progressive Web Apps [EN]
Niels Leenheer, Fun with Bluetooth [EN]