Past event
19–20 Oct 2019

OggCamp 2019


OggCamp is an unconference about free and open source topics; software, hardware, culture ... we love it all! Except that this unconference also has a scheduled track, to get the ball rolling. We have a fairly geeky slant, but that's more about the people than the topics: if it's free like freedom then we're very probably interested. OggCamp is the ideal home for both talks and attendees that are too quirky; for another conference - we're unashamedly inclusive!

If you have been to a BarCamp or an Open Spaces event, then you have an idea of what lies ahead. If not: the event is made by the people who attend and who participate. We're pre-arranging a small portion of that participation by inviting advance talk submissions that will feature on the scheduled track at the event.