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7–10 Aug 2019

Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) India 2019


The latest trends, tools, and best practices from leading data science experts. We deliver real value to data science professionals through practical expertise and thought leadership.

ODSC is one of the biggest specialized data science events, with a focus on impactful tools and leading industry practices. Our speakers include core contributors to many open source products used by data scientists all over the world.

A carefully crafted agenda for ODSC India 2019 includes presentations by leading kagglers, machine learning engineers, and data visualization wizards. Attend ODSC India 2019 and acquire the practical skills and theoretical knowledge that drive cutting-edge data science at leading global enterprises.

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Relationships Between Changing Processes for Enterprise Prescriptive Systems - Dr. Vikas #ODSC_India
Private video
Sessionisation via stochastic periods for root event identification by Kuldeep Jiwani #ODSC_India
Anomaly Detection for Cyber Security using Federated Learning by Bargava Subramanian #ODSC_India
Building Your Own Data Visualization Platform by Aditya Singh Tomar #ODSC_India
Minimizing CPU utilization for Deep Networks by Akshay Bahadur #ODSC_India