Past event
30 Nov – 1 Dec 2019

Open UP Summit


The first tech summit focused on open source communities, products and experts in Asia-Pacific, aiming to provide you a unique conference experience by integrating global resources and developing open source products with a guided and enjoyable process.

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Past event

Videos from the conference (19):

Open UP Summit 2019 William Chang/張仲威 - How We Start an Open Source Company
Open UP Summit 2019 Gerard Sans - Finding a bike in London with TfL Unified API and AWS Amplify
Open UP Summit 2019 Catherine Gutierrez - UX and Human-Centered Design for Happiness and Fulfillment
Open UP Summit 2019 Eriol Fox - Open Source Design with OSS Humanitarian Tech Tools
Open UP Summit 2019 Lawrence Lin / 林宜儒 - Open UP Summit Opening Talk
Open UP Summit 2019 Tai Tsao/曹代 - Building a Thriving Team Culture