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6–8 Nov 2019

Øredev 2019


Come to ØREDEV and rejuvenate your work, your process and your personal journey. Øredev is the perfect blend, with one day of in-depth pre-conference workshops and three days of sessions, you will get tons of inspiration and learning to keep you creating your best work all year long.

Although Freud died long before GitHub, assembly, and Twitter, we want to argue that several of his theories are expressed in the ways we develop tech, and in the tech itself.

We like to think of software as something completely rational, unbiased, running on cold-hearted machines. But our minds that design and write the programs come loaded with a hefty set of issues. This year, our keynote speakers will reflect on topics such as cognitive aspects of software design, the drives behind the development of tech, morality and biases in AI, etc.

Technology changes but we are bringing it into the world using the same brains that were around 1,000 years ago, even 10,000. We are not implying Freud was right about everything. We simply want to explore technology from the vantage point of psychology, morality, and philosophy. We the curious!

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