28 Mar 2020

Orlando Codecamp & Tech Conference 2020


The Orlando Codecamp & Tech Conference 2020 is canceled.

Orlando Codecamp & Tech Conference is a free, one-day learning event for software industry professionals and students. This is a "grassroots" code and tech conference, free of charge to attendees and open to presenters of all stripes and experience.

Topics include but not restricted to:

  • Languages and Frameworks: C#, .NET Core, Python, Kotlin

  • Data: SQL Server, CosmosDB, MongoDB, Postgresql, Databricks

  • Cloud: Azure, AWS, GCP
  • Containers and Microservices: Docker, Kubernetes, Microservice architecture, Kubernetes and did we mention, Kubernetes?

  • Agile: processes, methodologies, ceremonies

  • DevOps: mindset, culture, tools

  • IDEs and tools: VSCode, Eclipse

  • JavaScript: Node.js, Angular, React, Vue

  • Community: Diversity and Inclusion, Women in tech, podcasts, Twitch, community ethics

  • Architecture: Architectural styles, design patterns, scaling, high availability, fault tolerance

  • Personal and business skills: Productivity, Self-care, personal ethics

  • AI/ML: Algorithms, tools, data science

  • IoT: Internet of connected things

  • Open Source: popular OSS projects and any cool OSS projects you may be involved in

  • UI/UX: Building interfaces and making them usable. Accessibility talks ++
  • And any other tech-related topic