Past event
12 Sep 2019

Papers We Love Conf 2019


Papers We Love began as a repository of academic computer science papers. It quickly morphed into an international series of monthly meetups. It flowered into a diverse community of computer enthusiasts interested in research as a hobby or applied to their daily work.

Papers We Love Conference is a one day event to cross-pollinate ideas between academic research and industrial practice.

We are very excited to be back in St. Louis as part of the Strangeloop Pre-Conf program for the fourth year in a row.

Videos from the conference:

On the Expressive Power of Programming Languages by Shriram Krishnamurthi [PWLConf 2019]
Anonymity in the Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Network by Giulia Fanti [PWLConf 2019]
Is Program Analysis the Silver Bullet Against Software Bugs? by Karim Ali [PWLConf 2019]
What About the Natural Numbers? by José Manuel Calderón Trilla [PWLConf 2019]
Distributed Consensus Revised by Heidi Howard [PWLConf 2019]
Building Personable Machines by Star Simpson [PWLConf 2019]