Past event
4 Jun 2019

Paris Container Day 2019


The use of containers in the software development industry is now widespread. Orchestration has become common practice amongst developers and operatives.

How can we, as an industry, begin to develop best practices and standardise our use of these promising technologies to stabilise and improve the quality of our work?

This is the underlying theme of the fourth edition of Paris Container Day: Standards & Craftsmanship.

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Past event

Fifth edition of Paris Container Day. Paris Container Day is the pioneering conference in France dedicated to the container ecosystem and its best practices


Videos from the conference (24):

A Case for Standardization in Container CI/CD - Dan Lorenc
The Standards and technologies behind a container engine - Scott McCarty
Next generation container tools - Daniel Walsh
Les entrailles de Kubernetes - Laurent Grangeau
REX mise en place d'Istio sur Kubernetes - Yannig Perre
CRI O Un bon remplacant a Docker - Akram Blouza