Past event
4–5 Feb 2020

PaymentConf - The Payment Technology Conference


FinTech innovation is happening, banks are transforming to digital banks and competing with price performant start-up companies. New regulations are issued in the EU every two years and sector professionals have to keep up with rapid changes and follow developments in GDPR, PSD2, Brexit, Identification, AML/KYC, tokenization of Payment Networks. With this very fast pace of change, it is easy to get lost. How to spend technical effort wisely and invest where it makes sense? This is exactly what this event is about! Also lots of networking with fellow FinTech companies and Gurus.

We believe in openness and competitiveness, rather than telling that everything is a commercial secret. That is the reason the Payment Technology Conference has adopted “no marketing” philosophy, focusing on demonstrating successful solutions instead of self-promotion. The conference will offer practical sessions based on real-world experience and a lot of networking opportunities with fellow FinTech companies to encourage new collaborations. PaymentConf is a highly focused event, therefore, basic topics will be skipped, rather seeking answers for technical solutions and finding answers to the question “how does it tick inside?”.

The event will take place on 4th & 5th February 2020, running in two parallel flows:

  • Technological savvy on how to build FinTech products
  • Business-oriented regulations and experience reports
  • Panel discussions and networking events during the conference are included.

This is an event for FinTech developers, technical leads/architects, CTO/CIO, payment managers, fraud and risk specialists, business developers and FinTech enthusiasts you will not want to miss.