Past event
19–20 May 2020

Percona Live Open Source Database Conference 2020


The Percona Live Open Source Database Conference is the premier event for the diverse and active open source database community, as well as businesses that develop and use open source database software.

The conferences have a technical focus with an emphasis on the core topics of MySQL, MongoDB, and other open source databases. Tackling subjects such as analytics, architecture and design, security, operations, scalability and performance, Percona Live provides in-depth discussions for your high availability, IoT, cloud, big data and other changing business needs.

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Videos from the conference (43):

State of #OpenSource #Database - Peter Zaitsev - #Percona Live Online 2020
Trends that are disrupting and breaking your #Db infrastructure - Matt Yonkovit - Percona Live 2020
State of the Dolphin - Le fred - Percona Live Online 2020
Moving Beyond Zero Sum Approaches to Open Source - Matt Asay -# Percona Live Online 2020
Will #Postgres Live Forever? - Bruce Momjian - #Percona Live Online 2020
Thank you for Attending Percona Live Online - Matt Yonkovit - Percona Live Online 2020