Past event
4–6 Oct 2019

php Central Europe


This year, thanks to the support of PHP Usergroup Dresden, our conference will be held in the Federal Republic of Germany. phpCE is an event addressed to a vast group of developers and PHP enthusiasts from Central Europe. We hope that our offer will turn out to be so interesting that you too will want to join us. It is going to be very interesting because for the first time we will meet at.... the cinema!

We still mean to move from one country to another so that the event will appear in different countries of Central Europe. We already invite you to visit next edition (2020) of phpCE in Bratislava, Slovakia. It is completely no barrier to do the same in Hungary, Austria, Lithuania or another Baltic state. Dozens and dozens depends on local PHP groups engagement, so, if you feel that phpCE Conference should host in your country, don't wait and contact us – we are really ready to do it!