Past event
3–4 Jun 2020

PHP Wales 2020


Come and join us for the inaugural PHP Wales conference, spread over 2 days in the capital city of Wales (Cardiff). Hosted in the Cardiff City Hall be sure to come along for the chance to learn from some of the best in the industry.

With this being our first run, we wanted to set the theme to ensure the message was clear. Our theme is community, inclusion, and the importance of these. We have all seen when a community goes bad, or individuals are excluded from a community for one reason or another. We want to remind people that we are all one community of developers - but for these 2 days we are uniting under the banner of PHP.

In general we don't reimburse speakers, but we strive for a diverse lineup. So if you're member of a marginalised community and need help with travel costs, just tick it in the CfP process and we try our best to help, if your talk is selected.