Past event

Welcome to PyterPy 2019! This will be the 6th annual gathering of Python-interested people in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

Our conference is traditionally attended by many senior developers and by less experienced but quite eager to learn colleagues. We especially invites deeply technical presentations, talks on architecture of Python-based and best practices originating from technical background.

Videos from the conference (8):

[ENG] Meir Shpilraien (Redis Labs): RedisGears / #PiterPy
[ENG] William Galindez Arias: Building NLP pipelines for Language Learning Chatbots / #PiterPy
[ENG] David Mertz: An introduction to Generative Adversarial Networks with PyTorch / #PiterPy
[ENG] Ivan Nikolaev (Wargaming): AAA Game UI Framework Powered by Python / #PiterPy
[ENG] Serge Matveenko (Assaia Apron AI): Mnj — The MongoDB library which feels good / #PiterPy
[ENG] m4dz: Cryptography For Newcomers - The hitchhiker's guide to cipher in devs / #PiterPy